About Us

With our commitment to best service, competitiveness and dependability, we have grown to be
an established and reliable product and solutions provider as we pictured during our commencement.
Started as a simple computer store in 1995, we aimed to provide reasonable priced computer
products and at the same time ensure a high level of technical service and product support.
The ever growing demand for computerization in our country today is what drives us to provide
the necessary and right products. From a small store, offering basic computer components; we are
now Mavetec Enterprises. Renamed in early 2013, we are now offering a complete line of computer
parts, networking and video surveillance products and accessories. We can give you not only the
latest technology available in the market but also the best when it comes to quality. We believe that
efficient maintenance and service is just as important as the product itself, so we give utmost priority
to after sales service assistance, even extending our work time to finish the clientele’s requirement at
their specified occasion.

Our competitiveness in the market today is proven by the unquestionable satisfaction of both
corporate and end-user clients that we have. Their confidence is our testament that we can provide
hardware requirement and services at a sound cost. Our commitment to the best service that we can
provide endears us to our clients and it ensures them of quick response time upon their request for

We make it a point to make available a vast resource of computer, networking and video
surveillance products and accessories for our clients to choose from. Whether it be a high-end or lowend
hardware in the market, you can get it straight from us. We can provide the latest advancement of
components available in the market today. Cost-wise, all our products are reasonably priced and is
very viable compared to the current market prices. Clients are assured of good product quality by
covering most of our items with a one-year limited warranty on parts and services from the date of
purchase. For our client’s comfort and convenience, we also deliver any major item purchased from
us to any place in Metro Manila at the fastest time possible. We are basically the on-stop-shop for all
your computing, networking and video surveillance requirements.

Our commitment to the best service quality is our major edge in the market. Due to increasing
number of PC and video surveillance users in the country and the rising demand for supplies, a large
number of computer businesses and security solutions provider has emerged with the realization of
the call to provide the needed hardware and software products. Only a few however, see the
necessity for quality service as well. The fact that the quality of components nowadays is losing its
ground, brings up the importance for a good and reliable technical service and support which Mavetec
Enterprises is proud to prioritize since the beginning. Service plays an important role to us. Backed by
skilled and experienced technical and service personnel, we guarantee the delivery of fast and
efficient service for your convenience and satisfaction.
Aside from the basic technical service and support assistance, Mavetec Enterprises offers its
expertise on the following services:
 Networking and Systems Integration
 Systems Development
 Consultancy
 Programming
 Maintenance Agreement

From our presently established resources and strengths, we aim higher and further to serve
our clientele even better. Let us be the one to show you the endless possibilities of how the
application of computer, networking and security solutions technology in your home and workplace
can improve and largely benefit your productivity.


#40E Pag-asa Corner Cabatuan Streets
San Jose(131), Caloocan City 1404

Landline: (02) 363-0204 / 364-2917
Mobile: +639178861369 / +639228166711 / +639189791518
Email: mljr8882003@yahoo.com
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